Tanie loty Malmö - Polska od 61 zł - KAYAK (2023)

Lot się nie odbył


Plusy: "Nothing much"

Minusy: "The stewardess was rude and super pushy. It reminded us an old times of Ryanair"

Plusy: "My first part of the flight, from SFO to CPH, was good. It was the second part that was terrible."

Minusy: "SAS never emailed the second boarding ticket and there was no agent at the gate to help me print one. I paid $20 days in advance for a front aisle seat (6E), but was boarded last (group H) and had to put my carry-on in aisle 26. The stewardess was very rude and seemed racist towards me."

Plusy: "Crew was very pleasant."

Minusy: "There were no announcements at all about the delays! It was confusing and poor service."

Plusy: "A lot of seating space. very comfortable."

Minusy: "You have to pay for wifi."

Plusy: "Yea"

Minusy: "Its simple. Turns out i had to pay 360 dollars for my baggages which was hever specified in the time i was purchasing tickets cause they said im flying without and i can come back with. Who is flying without baggage intercontinental for 1 month? And 3 baggages didnt arrived. Thanks"

Plusy: "SAS has offered great service on two flights this past week. Look forward to flying them again."

Minusy: "Late departure. No roof during queuing for loading and rain..."

Plusy: "Efficient"

Minusy: "Difficult to find check in at Copenhagen airport"

Plusy: "Loved the service. Nice small plane. Very easy boarding. This is a quick inter-city flight. The plane is small and agile. It did some pretty nimble turns and sharp banking that might be a little too exciting for some."

Plusy: "Small airplane"

Minusy: "Confused information and double/extra charge for only one check-in baggage. They should make clear in the first place when booking ticket or check in online but NOT. I have to pay $83 dollars for one luggage."

Minusy: "Noen hadde spydd på bordet på sete 1A, flyttet til 2A"

Plusy: "Movies"

Minusy: "We were in 40G and H, bulkhead seats. I have never had such a hot plane (and I am a world traveler). We were both very warm (felt like 85 degrees- warm enough to not be comfortable). I was told by the flight attendant that people in back of plane were freezing. The breakfast was good, but the dinner was ok, but not ‘I wish I could have seconds” good. I lowered the rating because they never gave us more than the one bottle of water that was on our seats when we arrived. That may have been ok for the people in the cold part of the plane but not for us in the sweating part. Luckily we had brought a big bottle of water."

Minusy: "late. support afterwards was awful."

Minusy: "It was exceptionally on time. Very informative captain without being chatty. Crew was efficient but not very friendly. Food was tasty and sufficient."

Plusy: "Plane was fine and it arrived on time."

Minusy: "Main meal was awful. Crew was hard to find. Also water or juice was not served on flight after the meal (for hydration)."

Plusy: "Nothing"

Minusy: "Everything, the service was terrible the food was terrible, we will never fly SAS again."

Minusy: "This has nothing directly with SAS, but since I experienced it during my flight there, they are responsible of it. I was waiting for the flight at the OSLO airport waiting for the flight to LONDON. I had ample time to work on my computer. In the big room by the gate there was only one spot where I found three electrical sockets hanging from a pillar or post. To my dismay none worked. My plug would fall off from each. To document, I took the pictures of the useless sockets... I complained to the lady at the boarding desk (she left before the SAS staff moved in), she did not even care... This experience frustrated me and turned an otherwise pleasant trip into a bitter one. Please install some working sockets in your waiting room! Flight SK 809 Confirmation: LN9M6O Departure: Oslo & other airports (OSL) Arrival: Heathrow (LHR) Time: Sat Dec 2 2017 3:05 pm CET - Sat Dec 2 2017 4:25 pm GMT Peace, Edip Yuksel +1 520 481 1919"

Plusy: "premium economy"

Minusy: "nothing, it was great!"

Minusy: "The seats were far too narrow. At least I could put both feet under the seat in front of me!"

Plusy: "The entire experience was great. Smooth flight, good food and friendly crew."

Plusy: "Great crew, on schedule."

Minusy: "SAS is packing in 200 passengers in their Airbus 321, so no space and seat comfort like 0. Also make sure you have paid for bags, Kayak will sell you tickets that don't include bags.so double check your reservation. If you are stuck with a ticket that doesn't include bags, call SAS an add bags $35 per bag. Do this at least 24 hours before departure.SAS is the only one that can add the bags, kayak is unable to add bags after purchase."

Plusy: "Seat was much more comfortable than the first flight, flight attendants were more polite, food was ok, entertainment was adequate, overall not bad."

Minusy: "No major complaints on this flight."

Plusy: "I liked that we landed."

Minusy: "Why can't SAS ever be on time? The last 4-5 flights I've been on have connected me either too late or just barely in time for connecting flights. Please be more like Swiss."

Plusy: "I am vegetarian with no egg fish or meat. I didn't get any choices"

Plusy: "N/A"

Minusy: "No food service whatsoever. Not even a bag of pretzels or peanuts. You have to pay for soft drinks. Really? A can of soda costs less than 50 cents. Bathrooms were not cleaned at all. Soap dispenser was empty for the entire duration of the flight. No entertainment."

Plusy: "This was a direct Copenhagen to Boston flight run by SAS for Privatair. It was a small aircraft with only 70 total seats. That being said, the seats were comfortable, the service was wonderful, and the flight was smooth."

Minusy: "Inflight entertainment consisted of an iPad with very limited options. Only one non-alcoholic drink included with dinner, and purchase price of wine was the highest I have ever seen on a flight."

Plusy: "Great flight very happy"

Plusy: "The movie selection"

Minusy: "To be boarded and wait for more than 45 minutes inside the plane for a second pilot."

Plusy: "It was a clean plane and entertainment was good."

Minusy: "Crew wasn't nice unless you were Scandinavian. I asked questions about going into Stockholm for our long layover. How easy it was, etc. they were less than helpful. My daughter and I figured it out ourselves. Won't fly them on next trip. Air France or BA r better"

Minusy: "In-flight entertainment did not work, veggie meal I ordered was not there, and when I asked if I could have one of the extra business class meals, I was told no. I further asked if I could just have some chips from the snack basket and that was met with a death glare from the female flight attendant. All in all, the flight attendants were rude and unwilling to accept any ownership in the poor conditions of this 9 hour flight."

Plusy: "Clean plane, decent food"

Plusy: "Great flight"

Plusy: "A340 just had a remodel. No media boxes installed under the seats taking up foot room"

Minusy: "A very dishonest experience. The booking never made it clear that I was not allowed to check my suitcase and I had to pay € 70 extra both coming and going and thereby paid 1 1/2 times more for my suitcase than for my ticket. I am very disappointed to be 'tricked' in this way and consider it a very dishonest business practice."

Plusy: "Checked in easily with the line moving quickly. Boarding was efficient for a full flight. Left on time and arrived early. Luggage beat me to the carousel. Please give Air Canada lessons!"

Plusy: "After completely checking in, boarding, seating and sitting on the tarmac for 25 minutes, we were told something was wrong and had to get off and wait for a new plane."

Plusy: "The boarding process worked well."

Minusy: "The crew didn't seem to care much. The entertainment systems didn't really work and the response was simply deal with it. The food was terrible. The crew did not handle the passengers at all as they were up consistently and taking stuff out of the overhead containers."

Plusy: "personnel is very courteous."

Minusy: "cofee is terrible."

Plusy: "Introduce meals even to economy class"

Plusy: "Nice crew"

Minusy: "The flight is very noise they never turn off the lights and close the windows so it's very hard to try to sleep."

Plusy: "We were in coach and it was comfortable and the food was good. The crew was helpful and pleasant. Entertainment options were great."

Minusy: "I have never been on a trans-Atlantic flight before that did not include wine and liquor! Surprising."

Minusy: "We were delayed and not updated for an hour and a half with no water or refreshments on the aircraft, which is crazy!"

Plusy: "The SAS experience was great overall. Nice flight attendants, quick boarding, very well organized. Food was one of the best airline foods Ive ever eaten, especially the BBQ chicken and wild rice entree."

Minusy: "Something about the seats made it impossible to sleep without being woken up frequently by a painful position (economy class). Obviously no economy class seat will be comfortable to sleep in, but SAS seats seem to be a lot worse than other airlines."

Minusy: "Business class ticket and traveled just like economy. Never advised when booking no business class. Boarding was like a stampede."

Plusy: "Lots of movie to chose from. Chicken Curry was tasty."

Minusy: "The person in front of me put the seat back so far that I had almost no room to get up—then glared at me when I had to pull on the seat back to get out."

Plusy: "Easy embarkation, helpful staff."

Minusy: "Shock to discover that suitcases were not included in price of tickets purchased online. We had to pay the equivalent of $100 (australian) per case. My seat was extremely u comfortable as the cusihion was misshapen. The male passengers seated behind us were drinking alcohol and became loud and garrulous, making the trip most uncomfortable and unpleasant."

Plusy: "One magazine was not enough"

Minusy: "You expect me to vacation time trying to contact you about the items missing from my suitcase. I have read where I have seven days to report this. This happened on June 20 almost a month ago I am at home trying to straighten out this I had yet to even speak to anyone about The luggage items missing. Why would I miss out on my vacation trying to write you???"

Plusy: "Flight was Ok"

Minusy: "Left till last to board flight. Case taken from me. Asked continually when I wld be taken as I am 83 and recovering from major operation. Told 45 minutes before flight but was taken 10 minutes ahead. Rush has left me very upset."

Lot spokojny. Załoga bardzo pomocna i miła.

W sumie to najsprawniej wykonany lot wizz

Obsługa oraz personel. Nie podobało mi się że lot był opóźniony o ponad godzinę, wejście na lotnisko w Eindhoven trwało 3,5h!


Lot odwołany z powodu COVID


Spozniony jak zwykle

Minusy: "Można podać wodę do picia i mały poczęstunek."

Plusy: "Professional and safe"

Minusy: "Better boarding (lines too long)"

Plusy: "I did not fly"

Plusy: "Seats are ok but unable to recline"

Minusy: "Keep up the good work"

Minusy: "Lower the aircondition temp, it was hot in the plane during flight"

Plusy: "- the food trays of seats of the plane are in such a way that you can lay your head on them and sleep. It’s really the most comfortable of all Continental flights I’ve experienced."

Minusy: "- on board WiFi -"

Plusy: "Nothing"

Minusy: "Not having a 3+ hours take off delay"

Plusy: "Extra legroom seats are a godsend (but that's applicable to any airline, not just Wizzair, although they do seem to have a few more of these than other airlines - low cost or not). Also, despite a 35 min. initial delay, we eventually landed only 15 min. later than the scheduled time."

Minusy: "The boarding process at Gatwick was disastrous. There were only 2 agents, none of which spoke proper English. Also, one of them was busy checking each individual carry-on bag with unnecessary extra scrutiny, only to provide customers to the second agent, which was taking the payments for extra bags."

Plusy: "Prices on in flight purchases"

Minusy: "Boarding was ridiculous, check in lady had no idea what an infant is and how their own app works. Suggested us to use the e-gate with an infant and angrily put us at the back of the cue. The infant wanted to breastfeed..."

Minusy: "Więcej miejsca na nogi. Brak opóźnień."

Plusy: "I did not had a seat"

Minusy: "I did not had a seat"

Plusy: "Ok flight"

Minusy: "Comply with departure times"

Minusy: "Both flues were really delay really disappointed"

Plusy: "Cena za bilet i punktualność."

Minusy: "Bardzo ciasne i niewygodne fotele. Pogoń za zyskiem ma swoje granice. Ograniczam loty w WizzAir do minimum."

Plusy: "Nie było źle Ale fakt że odprawę przeszedł nietrzeźwy Pan do którego wezwano ekipe medyczna I.lot opoznil sie o 40min"

Minusy: "Troche wiecej zwracac uwage jacy pasażerowie wchodzą na pokład A nie skupianie i polowanie na walizki.kto ma za duża i może dodatkowo zapłacić."

Plusy: "Kind stevards clean plane no delay"

Minusy: "More comfortable seats but this is low cost company :)"

Plusy: "Wygodne fotele dość czysto"

Plusy: "Czysty samolot"

Plusy: "Start i lądowanie o czasie."

Minusy: "Okolo 140 pasazerow z priority i proba ich upchniecia do 1 transferu. Na pokladzie syf brud malaria. Samolot nie byl sprzatany po poprzednim locie. Kolejka priority bez widocznego oznaczenia i z tego powoduprzepychanie sie przez ludzi bez priority."

Plusy: "Dolecieliśmy."

Minusy: "Opóźnienie o niemal 2h, obsługa średnio miła"

Plusy: "Obsługa bardzo uprzejma, pomimo zmęczenia i " długiego dnia""

Minusy: "2h opoznienia"

Minusy: "Lot był.opozniony ponad godzinę do tego jak zawsze mało sprawnie szła kolejka do samolotu!"

Plusy: "All!"

Minusy: "Jak zawsze lot był.opozniony!"

Minusy: "1. The check in was delayed and very chaotic. 2. The landing was horrible 3. The plane was not comfortable ."

Plusy: "Podróż przebiegła niezauważalnie szybko w miłej atmosferze pod opieką profesjonalnej załogi."

Minusy: "W tym miejscu nie mam nic do dodania. To był naprawdę bardzo miły i udany lot."

Plusy: "We got to our destination."

Minusy: "There was a problem with their website that was out of our control, that didn’t allow us to print boarding passes and we were charged at the airport even though we had proof we tried and were not able through no fault of our own"

Minusy: "2 hrs late and we missed all our following connections as a result."

Minusy: "Not even a roll for a 5 hour flight! They ran out and then wanted to charge £3.50 for a coffee when they ran out of food to even buy! Staff were not friendly at all."

Plusy: "Odlot co do minuty, bezbłędne lądowanie. Brawa dla kapitana Polaka."

Minusy: "-"

Minusy: "Lot opóźniony 1.35h. Duszno. Staliśmy w kolejce do samolotu po czym.z powrotem nas cofnęli. Wody brakło a temperatura przekraczała 35st. Tragicznie!"

Minusy: "Flight delayed by more than 2 hours, additional 40 minutes in the plain before departure. At least 30 minutes until doors opened. Overall huge delay that totally killed my business day."

Plusy: "Płynny lot, dobre lądowanie. Sam lot - bez zarzutu."

Minusy: "Spóźnienie 35 minut, co sprawiło, że uciekł nam ostatni pociąg. Ale jest postęp: poprzedni lot z Luton opóźnił się o 6 godzin."

Plusy: "Zwyczajny spokojny dość długi lot."

Minusy: "Ponad godzina opóźnienia !!! Ale to można zrozumieć. Po wejściu do hali odlotów, pomimo elektronicznej odprawy, posiadaniu wydruku z adnotacją Priority i bagażu podręcznego należy się odprawić przy stanowisku nadawania bagaży (kolejka sic !) w celu otrzymania tzw. paper ticket. Oczywiści w moim przypadku nie dodano czerwonej naklejki Priority Boarding !!! Obsługa przy boardingu nie respektuje usługi pierwszeństwa wejścia na pokład. Pierwszeństwo jest tylko przy przejściu do hali tuż przed wejściem do busa lotniskowego. Potem już i tak wszyscy jadą wspólnie, więc pierwszeństwa wejścia na pokład nie ma. Dodatkowo jeśli zostaniesz skierowany przez kolejnego niekompetentnego pracownika lotniska DWC do niewłaściwego z dwóch autobusów (jeden podjeżdża do przednich schodów, drugi do tylnych) musisz się przeciskać przez cały, pełen pasażerów i bagaży pokład samolotu, ponieważ procedury !!! nie pozwalają przejść do odpowiedniego wejścia, np. tylnego mając miejsca 29. Nigdy więcej Wizzair, którego pracownicy pokładu twierdzą, że odprawa i boarding nie jest zależny od firmy Wizzair. Tylko dlaczego to Wizzair pobiera opłatę za usługi typu Pierwszeństwo wejścia na pokład ?"

Minusy: "Flight was delayed by 45 mins, and on board there was no water in the bathroom basins. This was known by staff, but they didn’t warn me as I went in, so I didn’t find out until I had already put soap in my hands"

Plusy: "Nothing!"

Minusy: "My husband was seated in row 2 and I was seated in row 29, even though there were many spare seats in blocks of two and three that we could have been sat in; then I was forced to put my carryon luggage in the hold, meaning I had to wait ages at the baggage reclaim on arrival, and was late for my air BnB check in. When I booked my flight I deliberately chose not to check any luggage, spent time planning what to take so that it would fit in a carryon bag, and measured out my liquids into small bottles so that they passed the liquids restrictions: all effort and time spent in vain due to Wizz Air. I was furious!"

Plusy: "Przestrzeń, załoga, czystość, cisza."

Minusy: "nic"

Plusy: "Miła załoga, nowoczesny samolot sprawny odbiór bagaży podręcznych oddanych podczas boardingu-cały lot na +"

Minusy: "Brudne lotnisko po stronie powietrznej, bardzo mało miejsca na nogi..."

Plusy: "Cabin crew podczas dzisiejszego lotu była po prostu genialna! A szefowa pokładu to już w ogóle przeszła sama siebie! Była cały czas uśmiechnięta od ucha do ucha, pomocna i widać było zezalezy jej na tym aby pasażerowie byli zadowoleni :)"

Plusy: "Spakuj cisza i miłą atmosferą lotu oraz dobre relacje"

Minusy: "Man at the checkin did not have a clue that WIZZAIR flight was delayed at 05/04/2018. I missed meeting with my family. Waited for a long time at boarding gate."

Minusy: "It a good option, a good price, i will fly again"

Wszystko ok.

Na lotnisku w Treviso brak iformacji o odprawie oraz nadaniu bagażu. W ostatniej chwili zorientowałem się, że w miejscu innej odprawy można odprawić lot do Warszawy. TRAGEDIA nie polecam

Minusy: "Nie było włączone ogrzewanie przez co było bardzo zimno."

Plusy: "Cena."

Minusy: "Zmarzłem. Kawa parzona."

Plusy: "Very helpful as I required assistance"

Minusy: "Przewożnik bardzo słaby.opóżnienie w obie strony.Fotele na baczność,komfort do kitu. Nigdy więcej nie polecę Ryanair."

Plusy: "Crew was very nice!"

Minusy: "Amount of carry on bags were unclear and we got charged 50£ for having a second bag. This was very confusing and frustrating as we boarded. We were told it was for space but there was plenty of room for luggage."

Plusy: "The flight was smooth."

Minusy: "Seats very hard and uncomfortable. No food or water provided unless paid for. No entertainment onboard, not even a magazine."

Minusy: "Brak opóźnień w lotach"

Plusy: "Sorry nic"

Minusy: "Wszytsko"

Plusy: "Wygodnie i komfortowo"

Plusy: "On time flight and decent boarding process (not too much fuss over baggage size and weight)."

Minusy: "Seating policy - it’s ridiculous to charge passengers to be seated together, even if they’re flying on the same booking. It only leads to on-board seating “trades” and negotiations to get people to agree to swap seats. Embarrassing!"

Plusy: "Załoga pomogła mi znaleźć zgubioną kurtkę. Byli bardzo mili."

Minusy: "Brak miejsca na książkę/telefon przy siedzeniach np. z przodu na siedzeniu przed pasażerem."

Plusy: "Przybyliśmy na miejsce 25 minut przed czasem!!!!"

Minusy: "Nic :)"

Plusy: "Service and comfort means ryanair"

Plusy: "Pomocna i zaangażowana załoga"

Minusy: "Wybór zdrowych i świeżych przekąsek. Wsparcie w poskramianiu bez przerwy płaczących dzieci innych pasażerów."

Plusy: "Flight took off on time"

Minusy: "Seats are very uncomfortable"

Minusy: "Punktualność"

Plusy: "Punktualnie i sprawnie, z wyjatkiem problemow z miejscem na bagaż na pokładzie."

Minusy: "Tłum ludzi z wykupionym priorytetem, przez co kolejka i czas oczekiwania rownie dlugi, oraz brak miejsca na bagaż na pokładzie."

Minusy: "Samolot niestety mimo, że przyleciał na czas, miał 30 min opóźnienia na starcie..."

Plusy: "Zwłaszcza lądowanie - bardzo delikatne :)"

Minusy: "Opóźnienie ponad 1 godzinę!"

Plusy: "Załoga Ok, sam lor bez zastrzeżeń."

Minusy: "Brak informacji czemu stoimy i nie odlatujemy planowo."

Plusy: "We arrive before the planning hour to Pisa"

Minusy: "The seats are terrible, nothing confort"

Minusy: "There was only 1 polite cabin crew member. People were shouting and walking all around the plane through out the flight and the cabin crew did nothing to stop this. It made the early morning flight impossible to doze off on."

Plusy: "miła odprawa i załoga pokładowa"

Minusy: "kolejki i czekanie na wejście (mimo priority) bardzo głośne zachowanie pasażerów - dzieci oągłdały głośno filmy bez słuchawek, rodzice mniejszych dzieci pozwalali im wrzeszczeć dla zabawy, niektórzy dorośli krzyczeli do siebie"

Plusy: "Sprawnie, bez niespodzianek, o czasie, miła załoga"

Plusy: "Bardzo miła obsługa, co zaskakujące w znacznej przewadze męska."

Minusy: "strasznie dużo handlu"

Plusy: "App is helpful. Email messages are helpful"

Minusy: "Unclear that >100 ml not allowed in cabin size luggage that gets put in the hold. This caused unnecessary delay and extra work for staff at security"

Plusy: "Odprawa przebiegła bardzo sprawnie, żadnych większych opóźnień"

Minusy: "Strach ze ten lot mogl zostać odwolany"

Plusy: "Cena"

Plusy: "Wszystko sprawnie i szybko"

Plusy: "Reasonably priced. Check in was quick and easy. Boarding was easy"

Minusy: "Seats are very cramped and uncomfortable. I’m 179cm and it’s a tight enough squeeze for in the seats."

Minusy: "We were traveling across Europe with no access to internet. We trued to check in night before from hotel, we had a week connection. Thought we will do it from airport just like the United States. However, due to long line, wemissed tbe two hour window and were charged 55 euro per person. There was 5 of us. Therewere 5 of us. We felt cheTed and scorged."

Minusy: "Opóźnienie lotu częste w przypadku Ryanair"

Plusy: "Overall an uneventful flight"

Minusy: "Delayed flight again. Ryanair evening flights keep getting delayed, so you end up missing the last train."

Plusy: "The lines to check in do not wrap around like most airlines- we stood on a line for over an hour and weren’t even near the front. Then they announced anyone on our flight needed to go to s different line to check in as we were nearing boarding time. In the rush we lost a jacket and no one from Ryan Air. Could care less. Not one smiling face! Awful!!!"

Minusy: "Have one line for check in and then passengers can check in in order- quite fair! There was someone with a problem at the front of our line and we were dtuck there for over an hour!"

Minusy: "Odlot opóźniony o 3h."

Minusy: "Opóźnienie"

Plusy: "Nothing."

Minusy: "Travelling on such a lousy airline."

Plusy: "I like nothing about Ryanair"

Minusy: "I read their policy about checking bags four times to make sure I understood. The check in staff was rude and treated me like I was stupid. About half the people in line to check in also had to go to another line to pay the fee to check a bag, and go back in line to check in for the flight. Boarding was a disaster. The inflight service was them asking you to buy perfume. Not worth the cheap ticket - at all!"

Plusy: "The crew were friendly and helpful"

Minusy: "The lateness of the flight"

Minusy: "The service overall"

Plusy: "załoga bardzo miła"

Minusy: "przesuwanie czasu otwarcia bramki o 5, 10 min i tak w kółko przez godzinę..."

Plusy: "I liked that we landed safely and could go about our day, putting this experience behind me, after only an hour delay."

Minusy: "Checking in at the Marrakech airport was a nightmare. People had to guess where to line up. There were two lines. A woman working with passengers seemed efficient and friendly. Unfortunately, I was not in her line. The dude who "helped" me hated the world and everyone in front of him. Their computers were down, and he had to hand write the boarding passes (?!). He really resented doing this for people and let them know. Once at the gate we had to get in a line, to get in another line outside, to get in another line to board, and of course we sat on the tarmac due to delays. I had to check a bag at the gate for being slightly too big. That's fine. But really, I end up paying what I would for a more professional (not "low-fare") airline. No one wants to be here. Not the employees, and not the passengers."

Plusy: "Wszystko było ok"

Plusy: "NIC!"

Minusy: "Lot opóźniony o ponad 2 godziny! Przez co spóźniliśmy się na kolejny. Ryanair ze swojej strony zaproponować możliwość przebukowania straconych biletów na najbliższy możliwy lot (za 15 godzin) za jedyne 124 €. Śmiech na sali. Dobrze, ze chociaż do Aten dolecieliśmy cali."

Minusy: "godzina spoznienia"

Minusy: "Brak przygotowania samolotu do lotu. Opóźnienie 1h"

Plusy: "Dobrze i na czas"

Plusy: "bezposredni lot"

Minusy: "boarding polegajacy (i to priority) na czekaniu na stojaco przed drzwiami prawie 1h...to brak dobrej organizacji oraz brak jakiegokolwiek szacunku do pasazera...poza tym gdzie tu pririty??"

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