Should you celebrate birthdays at work in the office? (2023)


They just keep on coming.

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Though in these uncertain times, their regularity and predictability are comforting, even if celebrations might be looking a little different these days.

We’re sure you celebrate these important life milestones at home, but what about work?

Birthdays at work… Are they a good excuse to have some fun or an unprofessional distraction?

Time to celebrate the small things

We all need a bit of joy these days, and recently we’ve been finding pleasure in the small things; celebrating any and all milestones, no matter how insignificant they may appear.

Birthdays might not seem like a big deal but the business landscape is looking very different at the moment and for many, there are fewer, if any, ‘big wins’ professionally – whether that’s new clients, new projects, or big sales – and the focus for many has shifted to survival.

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This change in perspective doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, and celebrating birthdays shows that you value personal milestones and achievements too, and reminds us that work isn’t everything.

Even putting the current situation aside, who are we to deny these pockets of joy?

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that these moments, these small pleasures, matter enormously to people, and can mean the difference between a good day or a bad one.

A morale-booster

Seeking joy and finding reasons to celebrate, such as a birthday, also has the valuable business benefit of increasing morale.

It makes people feel appreciated and brings staff together, both of which help to form deeper relationships between team members and across the organisation.

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If feasible, and depending on the size of your organisation or team, use birthday celebrations as a reason to find out more about the people you work with – if they’re an animal lover, this could perhaps be reflected in a themed cake. Not only does this make the recipient feel seen and appreciated, it reminds everyone that their colleagues are people with lives and interests outside of work.

Birthdays are a great prompt to show your appreciation for a year’s hard work with a thoughtful and personalised gesture.

Word of warning

Before you crack out the karaoke and start planning a birthday banquet; a word of warning.

The scale of the celebration should be appropriate and proportionate to the size of your organisation or department, as what you do for one you must do for another –you don’t want to be accused of favouritism, or create grievances in otherwise happy teams.

Celebrations also shouldn’t be hierarchical, with management enjoying champagne lunches out and newbies getting stock cards – this will only serve to reinforce an ‘us and them’ atmosphere, rather than bringing people together on level ground.

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Equally, you can’t have an office party for Mr Popular from the sales team on Friday, but Debbie from accounts whose birthday is on Monday arrives to a reduced Colin the Caterpillar cake left out in the staff room. If you’re going to have them, you can’t let birthday celebrations become a popularity contest, as this risks deepening any existing tensions and reinforcing cliques.

There’s no need to get carried away either. It doesn’t need to be extravagant – after all, if you have, say, 50 employees, you're going to be celebrating most weeks, so don’t do it in a way that becomes unsustainable or unaffordable when you multiply it by the number of employees you have.

Whilst all staff should be treated equally, no matter their position or tenure, you should also be aware that not everyone enjoys birthdays, or wants them publicised. You shouldn’t force anyone to celebrate if they’re an introvert, don’t like attention, or find birthdays difficult for whatever reason. Some people won’t want a fuss, but you can still find a discreet way to acknowledge the date privately. If you normally have a budget for a cake or a round of drinks after work, perhaps they’d appreciate a voucher or a day off! Whatever you do, just ensure staff are treated equitably.

And remember...

Most importantly, if you’re going to celebrate birthdays and make this ‘a thing’ that your company does, you need to make absolutely sure you don’t miss one, or that person could end up feeling very left out and unappreciated, so make sure you’re keeping track!

A simple calendar will do the trick – or why not check out the handy new feature on Leave Dates –just look out for the cupcake emoji and you’ll know a birthday is coming up!

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Should you celebrate birthdays in the workplace? ›

According to a study published in the Harvard Business Review, job search activities jump 12% just before birthdays. Giving an employee special attention on their birthday makes them feel valued and recognized, and employees who feel appreciated are less likely to quit their jobs.

Should employers acknowledge birthdays? ›

Even though not unlawful, some employees may feel that announcing their birthday is a violation of their privacy when this information is taken from their employee records. To smooth over this potential employee relations issue, an employee's birthday information should not be used without the employee's permission.

How do you celebrate your birthday when you have work? ›

Here's a list of alternative ways to celebrate office birthdays:
  1. Take a team outing. ...
  2. Decorate their desk. ...
  3. Gift time-off. ...
  4. Create a video. ...
  5. Personalize a card. ...
  6. Serve birthday breakfast. ...
  7. Give custom gift cards. ...
  8. Deliver custom gift baskets.
Feb 3, 2023

Do you celebrate your birthday in answer? ›

I celebrate my birthday to feel how blessed I am for having a great family and friends. My parents and family make me feel special by celebrating my birthday and giving gifts to me. They make me feel proud of their pampering and loving gestures.

Why do we celebrate birthdays in the office? ›

They are a time to reflect on the past year, to acknowledge achievements, and also to look forward to the future. Although celebrating birthdays at the office can be a fun thing to do, it also is a great way to build team morale, increase employee engagement, and foster a positive work environment.

Are employee birthdays confidential? ›

There's no law against it, but some employees may feel that announcing their birthday violates their privacy. While it's great that you want to recognize your employees and celebrate with them, I recommend not announcing an employee's birthday without first getting their permission.

Is a birthday a Hipaa violation? ›

This means that any date directly related to an individual (birth date, admission date, discharge date, etc.) is considered as PHI under HIPAA except the year.

What is the sample birthday policy for employees? ›


Company will arrange and pay for a birthday party each month to celebrate the birthdays of those employees whose birthdays fall in that month. The party will occur at a time and date that is least disruptive to the company, at the Company's discretion.

Are birthdays considered sensitive information? ›

The following types of PII are considered sensitive when associated with an individual: Social Security Number (including truncated form), place of birth, date of birth, mother's maiden name, biometric information, medical information (excluding brief references to absences from work), personal financial information, ...

How do you celebrate in the workplace? ›

In-person team celebration ideas
  1. Annual recognition awards ceremony. Remember the Dundies Awards from The Office? ...
  2. Grab lunch or happy hour together. Try out a new restaurant in your workplace neighborhood! ...
  3. Ask coworkers to share their cultural celebrations. ...
  4. Go on a company retreat. ...
  5. Have a retrospective every quarter.

Is birthday an important day? ›

Birthdays are important and are a special time of year, celebrating the life and experiences of an individual while bringing family and friends together. As such, it's essential to practice traditions that can be passed down through generations – connecting us to our past, present, and future selves.

How do you answer when is your birthday? ›

My birthday is on January 1st (first). His birthday is on August 2nd (second). I was born on June 3rd, 1985. My birthday is in June.

Is celebrating birthday a culture? ›

Festivities and holidays vary from one culture to the next, as do the traditions and forms of celebration that surround them. Birthdays, however, are considered an important event in most (although not all) cultures.

Why is it important to celebrate at work? ›

Celebrating team accomplishments and having workplace celebrations gives employees a chance to bond and get to know each other. Personal connections help people work together better. The break from a day to day work day helps to recharge the staff and keep them focused and better able to focus when they return to work.

Why are office parties important? ›

An office party is a reset button after the hard working year. It gives you opportunity to take a look at the year that has passed and recap on the ups and downs not only of your business strategy but of the business strategy of your co-workers.

Can my manager see my birthday in workday? ›

Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth are 'masked' from all other employees in the system, with the exception of managers and some administrative positions for specific HR purposes.

Is your birthday private information? ›

Non-sensitive PII includes information that could be in a public record, like your birthday or phone number. It can't directly identify you, but it might be used with other information to reveal your identity. Cybercriminals could use your PII to apply for loans, open credit cards or drain money from your accounts.

Should you give employees birthday gifts? ›

Often, giving presents to your employees is a mutually beneficial scenario. Some of the benefits include increases in the following: Motivation:Giving gifts can motivate your employees to work harder for the company. Productivity:Some employees can become more productive after receiving a gift.

What is a HIPAA violation in workplace? ›

What is a HIPAA violation in the workplace? It is when a person's protected health information is compromised. The covered entities must ensure that only authorized healthcare workers and their staff have access to this information.

What are the 5 HIPAA rules? ›

HHS initiated 5 rules to enforce Administrative Simplification: (1) Privacy Rule, (2) Transactions and Code Sets Rule, (3) Security Rule, (4) Unique Identifiers Rule, and (5) Enforcement Rule.

What falls under a HIPAA violation? ›

A criminal HIPAA violation is when a covered entity, business associate, or a member of either´s workforce has wrongfully and knowingly accessed, obtained, or transmitted Protected Health Information without authorization for a purpose prohibited by §1320d-6 of the Social Security Act.

What is called on a company birthday? ›

Corporate anniversary (© Janni / Corporate anniversaries are birthdays for your business, which often means the day that the business was formed – though it might also mean the anniversary of the day your organization first went public or it could mean the anniversary of a particular trademark or IP.

Can you request your birthday off of work? ›

It depends on the workplace, but usually no. An employer isn't obliged by law to let people off work for their birthday. In some workplaces, employees do have a certain number of days of 'annual leave' and may choose to take one of these days for their birthday if they feel strongly about it.

How do you celebrate your boss's birthday in the office? ›

Here are ten great ways that employees could show their appreciation towards their bosses or supervisors on Boss's Day:
  1. Bake a cake. ...
  2. Create a team card. ...
  3. Give a gift. ...
  4. Make a magazine cover. ...
  5. Award ceremony. ...
  6. After work celebrations. ...
  7. Create a thank you video. ...
  8. Potluck party.

How do you announce an employee's birthday? ›

Quick & Simple Employee Birthday Wishes
  1. “Wishing you a great birthday and a memorable year. ...
  2. “Hoping your birthday brings you many happy reasons to celebrate!”
  3. “Wishing you the best on your birthday and everything good in the year ahead.”
  4. “Hope your day is filled with happiness.”

How much should you give for coworker birthday? ›

We recommend gifts that cost no less than $50 and do not exceed $100. A gift under $50 may not relay your appreciation. However, gifts over $100 each could guilt an employee rather than show appreciation and may seem too flashy. Recognizing personal milestones is a great way to help a team feel connected.

How to decorate a coworkers office for birthday? ›

Decorating with balloons, streamers, and a banner is an excellent, tasteful way to celebrate a coworker's birthday. If you need some ideas on decorating with these items, you can check out your local party store or look online to purchase a kit.

Do you get coworkers birthday gifts? ›

On holidays or birthdays, it is often appropriate to give small presents to coworkers. Other instances, such as a promotion or going away party, often warrant gifts as well. However, a present is never necessary.

How do people celebrate their hard work at the office? ›

Organize awards ceremonies.

Make one-of-a-kind awards for each member of the team and plan to have an award ceremony. An awards ceremony is an excellent way to recognize your employees' accomplishments. Awards like the best team player award, the engagement champion award go a long way in motivating your employees.

How do you celebrate your hard work at office? ›

Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to acknowledge your team:
  1. Take a hard-working employee out to lunch.
  2. Cater lunch for the office.
  3. Hand out gift cards for a local coffee or spa.
  4. Print out unique awards for each team member and schedule an awards ceremony.
  5. Offer a special PTO day as an award or recognition.

How do you celebrate a big accomplishment at work? ›

Nine Ways to Celebrate Achievement
  1. Just say it. A straightforward, face-to-face "well done" is a simple but effective way to celebrate achievement. ...
  2. Share success stories. ...
  3. Pay it forward. ...
  4. Give a gift. ...
  5. Get together socially. ...
  6. Organize a team day out. ...
  7. Offer extra holiday. ...
  8. Set up a hall of fame.

How do you make an employee event fun? ›

Fun Corporate Event Ideas
  1. A Creamy Employee Appreciation Day. Employee appreciation day shouldn't be one day out of the year. ...
  2. Scanvenger Hunt Using Virtual Reality. ...
  3. Karaoke Lunch Battle. ...
  4. Escape Rooms. ...
  5. Dragen's Den / Shark Tank. ...
  6. Departmental Family Feud. ...
  7. Paint a Mural Party. ...
  8. Interactive Job Fair.
Apr 6, 2023

How do you show employees they are valued? ›

You can demonstrate your appreciation by hosting events, happy hours, volunteer opportunities and annual retreats. Other ways to recognize your team include props, awards, recognition programs, gift cards, fitness opportunities, paid time off and social media accolades.

Is it worth celebrating birthday? ›

Birthdays are worth celebrating – they are a way of honouring another year of life and how much someone has grown over the year. They give someone a reason to feel special as well as show them how much they are loved.

What happens if we don't celebrate birthday? ›

A good reason to ignore birthdays is that it can all become a bit repetitive, as you end up doing exactly what you did last year (and probably at the exact same venue). Of course, there are more imaginative ways to celebrate, although that then puts you under pressure to find something exciting and different.

Do adults celebrate birthdays? ›

While birthday parties might seem like celebrations from the past, it's important to plan a special event as an adult. Bringing your loved ones together to celebrate your big day is a great way to feel supported and loved as you approach your next year.

How do you tell people its your birthday without saying it? ›

Spread the cheer.
  1. Decorate your space. Nothing says "Birthday" like balloons and streamers... or tombstones.
  2. Bring treats and use "Happy Birthday" plates.
  3. Bring extra hats/tiaras for everyone.
  4. Send yourself birthday flowers (or see if a loved one will send you some at work).
Aug 1, 2017

What should I say in birthday? ›

Simple Happy Birthday Wishes
  • Hope you have a very Happy Birthday, [NAME]! ...
  • Happy Birthday! ...
  • On your birthday, I celebrate you and the special place you have in my heart. ...
  • Wishing you a blessed year and a wonderful day!
  • Enjoy this special day in celebration of a most wonderful you!

What does the Bible say about birthdays? ›

Psalm 118:24

“This is the day the Lord acted; we will rejoice and celebrate in it!” The Good News: God created mankind and the Earth, so we owe him our utmost gratitude! Rejoice for another year of birth and give up a prayer of thanks.

What is the most common birthday month? ›

August is the overall most popular month for birthdays, which makes sense, considering a late August birthday means December conception. Cold weather, snow, romantic fires and holiday parties seems to create just the right equation for the beginning of human mating season.

What are birthday bumps? ›

"The bumps", or "the dumps" in Scotland, a birthday torment common in countries such as the UK, Ireland, Canada, and India, involves the friends and family of the person whose birthday it is taking him or her by the arms and legs, and "bumping" him/her up into the air and down onto the floor.

Should you wish coworkers happy birthday? ›

A coworker's birthday is a special occasion that provides an opportunity to celebrate their life and achievements. Birthday wishes for coworkers are a way to show appreciation for their hard work, dedication, and friendship.

Do companies celebrate birthdays or anniversaries? ›

Corporate anniversaries are birthdays for your business, which often means the day that the business was formed – though it might also mean the anniversary of the day your organization first went public or it could mean the anniversary of a particular trademark or IP.

Why is celebration important in the workplace? ›

Celebrating team accomplishments and having workplace celebrations gives employees a chance to bond and get to know each other. Personal connections help people work together better. The break from a day to day work day helps to recharge the staff and keep them focused and better able to focus when they return to work.

How do you say happy birthday professionally? ›

10 Examples to Wish Employees & Coworkers a Happy Birthday
  1. Wishing you a relaxing birthday and joy and happiness in the year to come.
  2. Wishing you a happy birthday and a wonderful year.
  3. Wishing you a happy birthday, a wonderful year and success in all you do.
  4. Wishing you much happiness on your special day.
Jan 11, 2023

Is it okay to wish your boss happy birthday? ›

Wishing you success and happiness on this wonderful day!

Sending your boss some good vibes on their special day will surely make them smile. “Cheers to another wonderful year to come. Have a great birthday!” “Wishing you the continued success you deserve on this special day.”

How do you say happy birthday to someone at work? ›

Here's what to say to those co-workers who are just that—coworkers:
  1. “It's great working with you. Enjoy your special day.”
  2. “Happy Birthday. It's great to work with you!”
  3. “Happy Birthday. ...
  4. “Happy Birthday to a person who makes this a great place to work.”
  5. “Have a wonderful birthday.

What can HR do on employee birthday? ›

a personal treat and card on or near each employee's birthday. a cake for the whole office to share during break. allowing the employee to decide where lunch should be purchased on their birthday. a monthly celebration for all birthdays that month.

Is there a culture that doesn't celebrate birthdays? ›

If you ever travel to Bhutan, ask the Bhutanese about their birthdays. And trust me, you will not get an answer! That's because birthdays aren't celebrated in the world's happiest country.

What years are most celebrated birthdays? ›

The most popular milestone birthdays to celebrate for adults include:
  • 30th birthday.
  • 40th birthday.
  • 50th birthday.
  • 60th birthday.
  • 70th birthday.
  • 80th birthday.
  • 90th birthday.
  • 100th birthday.
Jan 29, 2023

What are the disadvantages of celebrations? ›

Traffic congestion: Festivals often attract a large number of people, which can lead to heavy traffic and difficulty in movement. Health hazards: Celebrating festivals can also lead to health hazards, such as food poisoning from consuming unhygienic street food or the spread of diseases due to overcrowding.


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