How you come up with the best hints for your Hintle Surprise (2023)

You want, or are going to give a Hintle. But how to come up with original hints? Without revealing your plan in one hint, of course. We've collected all the tips from the Hintle surprisers and crew. We bet that this helps to create great hints!

You want, or are going to give a Hintle. But how to come up with original hints? Without revealing your plan in one hint, of course. We've collected all the tips from the Hintle surprisers and crew. We bet that this helps to create great hints!

Only you know what's really going on
It’s one of the most frequently asked questions: what if someone guesses my idea? Well, lets get the fun started. Because now you have two choices: admit it, or disguise it in mystery. Because you are the only one who really knows what is the truth. After all, the invitee will only know what is true on the day you meet! So, even if you can't lie, you can just laugh about it and say it's great that you think this way. Let’s see what happens. Suddenly, the other person no longer knows whether you are lying, or whether you like that the other person is on the wrong track. Later on, we give some hints that are useful to distract someone to another subject.

How do you get someone to guess what you are going to do as late as possible? By ensuring that your hints can have multiple answers. Snowboarding example: mention that the area is white, or that you are firmly attached during this activity. White can be anything from snow, to a sauna, or perhaps fitting wedding dresses. When firmly attached, can be an amusement park, wakeboarding, or sports car driving.

Hints about the outing
How long do you have to drive, via which kind of transport should the invitee arrive? Do your clothes get dirty, or do you have to dress to impress? Is it a quiet activity, or full of adrenaline? Send a zoom in on a detail of the outing. For example, are you going to a concert? Find the album cover, paste it in paint, and cut out a small, hard to recognize square and upload it as an image hint.

Think of metaphors

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For example, if you go to a concert, you can easily place a link of a video where someone is headbanging. Or a very nice fireworks show, because the festival you go, will end with one. OR look even further, by playing with the atmosphere at the festival. How does it smell, what feeling does it evoke? What color does it remind you of ... it can't be crazy enough.

What kind of place do you meet?
How is the atmosphere where you meet? Is it a central station? Or just a cosy coffee shop. Or do you meet at a famous point of interest where you can hint about? Or have you met here before? Leave it to the imagination.

Does your plan take longer than one day?

In a Hintle we usually suggest that a plan takes about one day or evening. But hey, if you go all out with your plans, it’s best to give a subtle hint, that the invitee should block her agenda for longer… and that the invitee should bring her sleeping bag.

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Puzzles over multiple hints

You can make one hint, but you can also spread your hint over several hints. Say what? Yes. For example: the letters that are missing in the word _EE_ contains the first and last letter of the previous hint. That could be, a B and an R. Tip: give your hints a number with, for example, # 1 or # 2.

Hints about yourself
Do you also keep yourself as a sender a secret? Then share things about how you got to know each other. Or let them know that you already know the other person very well, by revealing details about where the invitee lives, works, or sports. This way you will build trust, while celebrating your unique relation. The invitee will of course contact ALL persons dear to him or her. So keeping yourself a surprise, makes someone wonder about the lovely bonds he or she already has. Thanks to one question: who would do this for me?

Last but not least. Also make nice hints that make no sense, so that you fool someone a little. It is precisely because of this that people can no grasp what you are up to. And that is of course pure enjoyment for you. Yes the invitee will of course sau: how could I have guessed this? But hey, everything for a good cause, right?

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In case of emergency: distract

Is the invitee too close to the answer of your plan, and you do not want that, yet? Play with the truth and send a hint that points someone in a completely different direction. After all, one new hint can turn someone’s mind upside down. If you keep yourself a secret, you can also suddenly give hints about another loved one from the person who you are surprising. Yes, you finally got a legal reason to spread fake news…

10 tips to create superb hints. That should work, right? If you would like help, send an email to We love to help you to come up with nice hints! Have fun and enjoy the quality time together!

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