16 Fun Long Distance Birthday Ideas to Make Anyone Smile (2023)

16 Fun Long Distance Birthday Ideas to Make Anyone Smile (1)

We live in a world where many of our friends and familylive far away, but we still really want to celebrate their big milestones with them. I have compiled a list of totally unique and really funlong distance birthday ideas to put a smile on anyone's face.

Everyone wishes “happy birthday” on Facebook walls or takes it a step furtherwith a text message. While sweet gestures, these can be so impersonal.

Here at The Confetti Post, we really love snail mail. It just feels so personal in this digital age. Therefore,many of these long distance birthday ideas are giftsyou send in the mail. Birthday surprises in the mail are the best, aren't they?

Read our list of highly personal and funlong distance birthday gifts to send in the mail.We share simple to elaborate, with DIY ideas and companies that do the work for you.

Long Distance Birthday Ideas To Make Them Smile

1. Send a birthday party in a box

Looking for aneasy way to say “happy birthday, long distance friend”?Piece together a "party in a box"yourself orlet a mail-order company like us atThe Confetti Post do it for you. Helping you celebrate othersis our specialty.

OurTeeny Happiest Birthdaypackage is a super fun surprise, complete with card, balloon, confetti, sweet treat, and a personal note from you! Best of all, most of the work is done for you.

We have lots of other optionsfor long distance birthday gifts and any occasion at allif you really want to spoil the party person.

2. Schedule a movie night

While you can't be together in person, you can watch together online via this super fun new app,Rabbit. The app lets people share online experiences.

Be sure to have popcorn on hand. And cake. I mean, you are celebrating a birthday after all.

3. Send cake in a jar

16 Fun Long Distance Birthday Ideas to Make Anyone Smile (3)

Speaking of cake, everyone deservescake on their birthday!

Do it yourselfor haveJars by Danido it for you. They have so many yummy flavors of cakes in a jar.

ThatStrawberry Shortcakeone is totally calling my name!

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4. Make a video

Record yourself singing happy birthday. Send it privately, or make a public declaration of those long distance birthday wishes on Facebook or YouTube.

Better yet, we are totally obsessed with this new website VidHug. In just a few clicks, it allows you to easily create a video montage from friends and family located all over the world to make that far away friend's day extra special.

(I'm not crying. You're crying.)

Or keep it simple and send this super cute video.

5. Throw a virtual birthday surprise party

16 Fun Long Distance Birthday Ideas to Make Anyone Smile (4)

Use Skype or Facetime to connect friends from different locations to host a virtual party.

Make it even more fun by sending balloons, a party horn, and a treat to all those included in on the birthday surprise.

Maybe something like these party invites on Oh Happy Day. Don’t forget the birthday person. Put a note on theirs saying not to open until you give permission.

6. Make a phone call

Not a text or email or Facebook message.

A real, old school phone call means a lot.

This may not be the most creative of long distance birthday ideas, but it will probably surprise your loved one!

I bet that number is tucked away somewhere in your cell.

7. Send photos

16 Fun Long Distance Birthday Ideas to Make Anyone Smile (5)

Obviously you can go the old school route and stick some fun memories in an envelope.It’s a tried-and-true choice for sending birthday gifts by mail.

Or you can kick it up a notch with this nostalgic photo viewer reel. You get to insert your own photos on the reel! I can think of no cuter way to cherish photo memories.

(Video) DIY Tiny Love Gifts | Surprise Gifts for Boyfriend or Girlfriend | Last Minute Present Ideas

So. Much. Fun.

8. Treat them to lunch

Send a gift card.

Use Yelp to search for a fun new local spot wherever the birthday person is located. Most restaurants allow you to easily buy a gift card online, and send straight to the recipient's email.

One of the easiest long distance birthday ideas, but still personal and thoughtful.

9. Send coordinating snail mail

16 Fun Long Distance Birthday Ideas to Make Anyone Smile (6)

Coordinate with other friends and family to send some classic snail mail.

I love this idea from Oh Happy Day where everyone sent a piece of a puzzle to the birthday person. They each wrote a special note on a postcard, and the picture sides fit together like a puzzle.

The sweetest of long distance birthday gifts ever!

10. Take them on a virtual shopping spree

Have you heard of the site Samesurf? You can use it to surf the web with someone anywhere else in the world. Surf some fun shops together.

Let them pick a fun gift, your treat!

Might I suggest starting at Uncommon Goods? Even if you don't purchase anything there, you will find lots of fun items to chat about.

11. Keep it classy with a birthday card

16 Fun Long Distance Birthday Ideas to Make Anyone Smile (7)

Keep it simple and classy by sending a good old fashionedbirthday card in the mail.

Only Grandmas seem to send those anymore, am I right?

They feel so much more special than a Facebook post.


Sommer LetterCo. is one of my favorite card companies with their beautiful watercolor designs. Also big fan of Emily McDowell Studio for keeping sentiments real.

12. Make a birthday donation

Celebrate their birthday by giving for someone else's special day.

At The Confetti Post, we partner with The Confetti Foundation and Box of Balloonsto spread birthday cheer.

They are the perfect places to start.

The Confetti Foundation gives parties in a box to children celebrating their birthdays while in the hospital. Box of Balloons gathers complete party kits for low income children, and give them to the child's parents so they can throw a themed party for their child.

One of the most thoughtful long distance birthday ideas I can think of.

So much love.

13. Send ice cream

Shipping ice cream can get complicated so I recommend making a “sundae kit” in a box.

Also, you can order gourmet ice cream online straight to their doorstep. Shipping is obviously super expensive, but I knowJeni's and Salt & Straw are worth it!

Sweet treats showing up at the door are a foodie’s favorite long distance birthday gift!

14. Long distance book club

Reread one of your favorite books.

Mark it up with post it notes all the way through with the birthday person in mind.

Send it to them in the mail of course!

15. Send balloons

16 Fun Long Distance Birthday Ideas to Make Anyone Smile (9)

(Video) Whitney Houston - Greatest Love Of All (Official 4K Video)

Do it yourself as seen here on Studio DIY.

Get balloons filled with helium, and put them in a large box. Send via overnight mail so they are still inflated when the birthday person opens the box. Latex balloons stay afloat for a very short time with helium, so perhaps try Mylar balloons if you are sending in the mail.

Sound like too much work? Have them delivered for you.

16. Send a birthday countdown

16 Fun Long Distance Birthday Ideas to Make Anyone Smile (10)

Send a whole week of envelopes or small boxes prior to the big day.

Label each envelope/box with which day to open each one. Stick a fun note, memory, photo, or treat in each one all the way up to their birthday.

My two favorite birthday countdown ideas: this box version on Simple As That and this envelope version on Who Arted?

Whatever you choose to do, we know sending long distance birthday gifts to your loved ones will most definitely make them smile. From classic birthday gift ideas to birthday surprises, our list has a bit of everything!

Do you have a favorite one of these long distance birthday ideas?

What other ways do you celebrate with long distance birthday gifts?

Share with us in the comments below!

Much love and happy party vibes,

Leitia, Founder of The Confetti Post

P.S. While you are here, be sure to click that "Pin It" button so you come back for these birthday ideas next time you need them!

P.S.S. Check out this other post for more ways to make someone's birthday special long distance or nearby!

UPDATED January 13, 2019

Image Credits: 1-The Confetti Post//3-Jars by Dani//5-Oh Happy Day//7-Uncommon Goods//9-Oh Happy Day//11-Sommer Letter Co./13-The Confetti Post//15-Studio DIY//16-Simple As That

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