10 Ways To Celebrate Company Birthdays (2023)

Is your business birthday around the corner?

What have you got planned? A company conference, away day, or just a normal working day? We’re here to help you make it all the more special!

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What better opportunity to celebrate, reward staff and customer loyalty and ……

How to celebrate company birthdays and milestones

(Video) 10th Anniversary Celebration Video - LUMI LEGEND CORPORATION

Whether its 1 year, 5 years or 25 years it's a milestone for you, your team and the clients you’ve been working with over time, so why not take the opportunity to inject something different into the usual working day and reflect on all the achievements along the way that got your business where it is today.

10 ways to celebrate company birthdays

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Don’t miss an opportunity to build brand awareness and strengthen brand loyalty:

  1. Hold a competition - internal or external! On social media, in your newsletter or in-store.
  2. Set up a birthday gift redemption site - vouchers/coupons with codes sent via email to clients and staff to choose from a selection of branded birthday gifts. Letting people choose guarantees they will get something they want and will keep.
  3. Send personalised, limited-edition thank you gifts to clients
  4. Personalised thank you gifts for employees marked with the celebration details e.g. ‘10 year celebration’ and their name on.
  5. Thank you gift for suppliers - they have been working with you all this time too!
  6. Send birthday cake! No explanation needed here.
  7. Hold a birthday party - with goodie bags (remote working? Send the good bags out ahead of an online celebration)
  8. Launching a new logo or website as part of your anniversary? You’ll need new merch with your new logo?
  9. Collaborate! Is there another local organisation that shares your birthday? You could have a double celebration?
  10. Go nostalgic - What was cool in the year your company started? Go down the retro route and send gifts from the special year!

Gift ideas for your corporate anniversary


Bespoke hampers - filled with things that you know the recipient will love! Foodie or fitness fan?

Wow boxes - can be customised to send a collection of on-brand merchandise of your choice through the post. They will be branded, collated, and shipped on your behalf - you can include a personalised message in the box: http://www.myinitialcatalogue.co.uk/WOWBOX/2/

(Video) Acuity, Inc. - 10th Anniversary Celebration Video

Personalised or anniversary specific merchandise - engraved, printed, or embroidered with the recipient's name or the corporate anniversary date.

Company Celebrations

(Video) How to celebrate your companies birthday right.

For support with your business birthday merchandise, goody bag or redemption site get in touch - we’ve got you covered! Visit our online catalogue now.


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